100 years + of collective legal malpractice experience

Verdicts and Settlements:
Some Of Our Significant Results

Since Mr. St. Denis and Mr. Davey founded the firm, it has had millions of dollars worth of settlements and verdicts in legal and accounting malpractice claims, as well as personal injury claims.

However, due to the fact most legal malpractice lawsuits end in confidential settlements, the firm is not allowed to include them here.

$5.75 Million Aviation Crash/Pilot Error/Wrongful Death
$3.1 Million Medical Malpractice/Improper Restraint
$2.9 Million Personal Injury/Explosion
$1.6 Million Legal Malpractice
$1.6 Million Aviation Crash/Pilot Error/Personal Injury
$1.1 Million Nursing Home/HMO
Violation of Patient’s Rights
$1 Million Personal Injury/Explosion
$1 Million Aviation Crash/Pilot Error/Wrongful Death
$1 Million Medical Malpractice/Nursing Home
$875,000 Tractor Trailer/Motorcycle Accident
$750,000 Aviation Crash/Pilot Error/Wrongful Death
$750,000 Insurance Bad Faith
$650,000 Nursing Home Negligence
$650,000 Maritime/Electrocution
$650,000 Nursing Home Abuse
$600,000 Aviation Crash/Pilot Error/Wrongful Death
$500,000 Medical Malpractice
$488,000 Negligence in transportation of handicapped person
$450,000 Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
$400,000 Nursing Home Negligence
$250,000 Nursing Home
$250,000 Fall/Automatic Door
$250,000 Automobile/Oil-Tanker Accident
$150,000 Nursing Home Negligence