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Were You Or A Family Member A Victim Of Medical Malpractice?

As a patient, or as the family member of a patient, you had expectations regarding the care provided by a physician. You expected that the physician would attend to your medical concerns and comply with the standard of care. Your expectations were reasonable, considering the extensive training physicians and other medical professionals go through both academically and practically. If you or a loved one was injured due to the negligence of a physician, you may be wondering, “How did something like this even happen?”

St. Denis & Davey is a personal injury law firm located throughout Florida. We have offices in Jacksonville, Miami, Tampa and Panama City. As experienced Florida medical malpractice attorneys, we are knowledgeable about the ways in which the standard of care can be overlooked, leading to patient injuries and death. We’ve assisted numerous clients in reaching settlements in these cases. Read about some of our many successful settlements.

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Proving Complex Medical Malpractice Claims

Medical malpractice claims are difficult and complex. It must be shown that the physician or any other medical professional breached the standard of care. Essentially, it must be proven that he or she did not do what any other medical professional would have done in that, or a similar, situation. Our Florida medical malpractice attorneys have access to a network of medical experts. With their assistance, we are able to analyze the facts of the case and determine if the standard of care was breached.

We handle various types of medical malpractice claims, including those arising from:

  • Surgical errors
  • Birth injuries
  • Delayed diagnoses and misdiagnoses
  • Medical errors
  • Anesthesia errors

St. Denis & Davey represents patients who have been injured, become ill, contracted infections and experienced other adverse medical complications due to the negligence of doctors, nurses, hospitals, pharmacists and virtually all other types of medical professionals.

Did A Medical Error Kill Your Loved One?

As wrongful death attorneys, we bring compassionate and effective legal guidance to families who have lost loved ones to medical errors. Did your family member die in surgery or from a surgical complication? Did your loved one’s cancer go undiagnosed until its terminal stage? These are just a couple of examples of the ways medical negligence can result in tragedy. Talk to our law firm about your rights and options.

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