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Florida Aviation Accident Lawyers

Federal, state and international aviation laws regulate standards for all sorts of aircraft, including civilian and military airplanes and helicopters. If you have been injured, or if a loved one was killed, in an aviation accident, you need an attorney with full comprehension of aviation law.

St. Denis & Davey is a personal injury law firm located throughout Florida. If you sustained a plane injury or if your loved one died in a plane crash, do not hesitate to speak with our Florida aviation accident attorneys.

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Most Common Cause And Result In Aviation Accidents

In our experience as airplane and helicopter negligence attorneys, we have found that two commonalities exist in the vast majority of plane and helicopter accidents: pilot error and fatalities. Far too often, pilot error results in passenger death.

As with other industries, pilots and airline employees are responsible for complying with certain standards. When these standards are overlooked or ignored, serious accidents and death can occur.

Why Do Pilot Errors Occur?

Pilot error most often relates to careless or negligent operation of the aircraft. The errors can be attributed to negligence involving the following as outlined in Plane and Pilot Magazine.

  • Weather
  • CFIT (Controlled Flight Into Terrain)
  • Poor communication
  • Low-level maneuvering
  • Inadequate preflight inspections
  • Inadequate preflight planning
  • Failure to use a checklist
  • Failure to perform the “I’M SAFE” checklist: illness, medication, stress, alcohol, fatigue, emotion/eating
  • Running out of fuel
  • Mismanagement of technology

St. Denis & Davey has obtained significant verdicts and settlements on behalf of people who have lost loved ones in airplane accidents. We can talk to you about the specific facts of your case as well as your rights and options. Airlines carry extensive insurance to cover injuries and deaths that occur onboard. We seek maximum compensation for our clients in complex aviation accidents.

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If you were injured or if a loved one died in an airplane or helicopter accident, do not hesitate to schedule your free initial consultation with the Florida airplane accident attorneys at St. Denis & Davey. We can be reached toll-free at 1-800-785-2153, or you may email our law firm.