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Did Your Lawyer Fail To Inform You Of A Settlement Offer?

Improper settlement is a prime example of the kind of legal malpractice we fight against on behalf of our clients at St. Denis & Davey in North Florida and South Florida. At our experienced statewide Florida law firm, we hold lawyers accountable. We serve North Florida clients in Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Panama City and Pensacola; we also serve South Florida clients in Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers and Naples.

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What Are The Attorney’s Obligations In Settlement?

Attorneys have an obligation to inform you, the client, of all opportunities to settle a matter. Many times a lawyer will refrain from informing a client of opportunities to settle because it’s not in the lawyer’s best interest. A lawyer may have a lot of time invested in the case and fears that he or she wouldn’t get adequate compensation from a minimal settlement. The client winds up uninformed, forcing the case to go forward.

This is attorney misconduct and it is not permitted. Lawyers must put clients’ interests ahead of their own or they are guilty of legal malpractice. If your attorney, in Florida or nationally, failed to inform you of a settlement offer, our aggressive legal malpractice attorneys want to hear about it. We will aggressively seek compensation for you, for all financial losses that resulted.

When Is Settlement A Disadvantage?

Situations in which settlements could work to your disadvantage include:

  • Settling your case without you knowing of or authorizing the settlement
  • Settling your case prematurely when that is not in your best interest
  • Forcing you to settle against your judgment or wishes
  • Failing to inform you of important developments in your case that affect settlement
  • Getting your case to cover up a mistake by your lawyer

A lawyer may know he has mishandled your case and committed malpractice, but wants to resolve it hastily in hopes that it will just go away. As a result, the client is forced to settle or browbeaten into an inadequate resolution.

When lawyers or law firms take on more work than they can handle, mistakes can happen. Certain defendants may not be sued in a timely manner, and statutes of limitations run. The attorneys realize their mistake and write letter after letter to the client, telling them how bad their case is, and try to force them to settle. They may even go so far as to accept a settlement on behalf of the client without permission to do that.

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