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Assisting Clients With Legal Malpractice Cases In Military Divorce

Handling a divorce involving military personnel is not like handling a typical divorce. The laws, rules and procedures that apply to military personnel are complex. If your divorce involved a military personnel member and you believe it was mishandled, our legal malpractice attorneys at St. Denis & Davey assist clients throughout Florida with military divorce malpractice.

Common Mistakes In Handling Military Divorces

The special circumstances of military divorce can result in several common mistakes in legal representation, especially if the divorce attorney is not knowledgeable or experienced with military divorce. These common mistakes can include the following:

Issues Involving The Distribution Of Military Pensions

The failure to distribute a military pension or receive proper consideration for waiving it is a significant error in a military divorce. In Florida, all vested and nonvested pensions or retirement benefits are considered marital property in a divorce. They are subject to division via equitable distribution.

Distribution Of Military Pensions Without A Qualified Order

Military pensions must be distributed in a fixed dollar amount or a percentage as stipulated in an agreement. If it is not, the amount could be subject to interpretation, which, in turn, could result in unnecessary and expensive litigation.

Failing To Remember When Military Pensions Terminate

Federal law mandates that a married service member choose a survivor benefit plan when he or she retires. If the parties later divorce, the former spouse is no longer covered under the survivor benefit plan. However, the service member can still elect to include the former spouse as the beneficiary, but it must be done by a court order and within one year of the remarriage.

Mishandling Military Divorces Involving Service Members With 20 Years Of Service

When an individual has served in the military for at least 20 years, the former spouse is entitled to what’s referred to as TRICARE and military medical treatment. It doesn’t cost the spouse anything for the coverage, and it can save a substantial amount of money.

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