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Florida Lawyers Who Pursue Legal Malpractice Trial Errors

Seeking compensation for your Florida attorney’s legal trial errors, or failures during your trial, is what we do at the North and South Florida legal malpractice law firm of St. Denis & Davey. We hold all lawyers accountable, on your behalf.

How can someone be inadequately represented in a civil trial? Senior lawyers have been known to send an associate to litigate the matter, as opposed to a seasoned veteran who could do the job successfully. Some attorneys fail to put forward all necessary evidence due to inadequate preparation, at which point deadlines for witness and expert disclosures pass, and your trial goes forward without that valuable evidence.

Many lawyers commit legal trial errors by failing to make proper objections during a trial, or to keep evidence out before or during a trial. Perhaps irrelevant evidence that should have been kept out was admitted at trial because of your attorney’s inattention. Perhaps your attorney failed to advise you about the options you had at trial about certain evidence, trial strategy or settlement. These are just a few examples of trial errors that could be legal malpractice.

Holding Lawyers Accountable

Are you dissatisfied with the outcome of your trial? Did an attorney’s failures at trial have something to do with it? Be in touch with either of our St. Denis & Davey law offices today. We would welcome the opportunity to help recover your losses for you.

Legal trial errors by your Florida lawyer could make a big difference in your and your family’s future. This kind of injustice against you should not stand. At St. Denis & Davey, we have years of experience at holding attorneys accountable. You can benefit from them, if you’re considering a legal malpractice lawsuit.

In North Florida, we serve clients in cities such as Jacksonville, Orlando, Tampa, St. Petersburg, Tallahassee, Panama City and Pensacola. In South Florida, we serve Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Fort Myers and Naples.

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