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Legal Malpractice In Probate And Estate Planning

Estate planning is an area of law that has far-reaching implications for you and your family. Attorneys who practice law in probate and estate planning must adhere to high ethical standards and protect the interests of their clients. When they do not, assets can be squandered away, disputes can arise and people’s end-of-life wishes might not be followed.

If you have been the victim of estate planning malpractice, our malpractice lawyers have the skills and dedication to assist you with a legal malpractice claim. From offices in Jacksonville, St. Denis & Davey represents victims of estate planning malpractice throughout North, South and central Florida, including the cities of Orlando and Tampa and throughout Broward and Dale counties.

When Are You A Victim Of Estate Planning Or Probate Malpractice?

Legal malpractice claims involving wills, trusts, probate proceedings and other estate planning matters can develop as the result of a wide range of attorney mistakes. Our attorney negligence lawyers can identify if any of the following has occurred:

  • A lawyer may miss the statute of limitations, leaving an injured or wronged person without any legal remedy to address the wrongs.
  • An attorney may fail to respond to motions or attend court hearings.
  • Attorneys have a fiduciary duty to protect their clients. When attorneys place their own interests before those of their clients, they breach this duty and may be held accountable for the consequences.
  • Lawyers may be negligent in the performance of their duties, making serious errors during trial or failing to properly investigate their clients’ legal matters.
  • An attorney may collect attorney’s fees and fail to perform the expected work or use client funds inappropriately before these fees have been earned.

We understand the impact that these errors can have on your life and care about how our profession is viewed. Malpractice suits send all attorneys the message that subpar service will not be tolerated.

Clients Deserve Better Treatment

Lawyer negligence in estate planning or probate proceedings can be costly. People’s wishes may not be followed, estates can be subject to unnecessary estate taxes and families can be torn apart. Clients deserve better. When attorney mistakes undermine a client’s interest, the client may have recourse through a legal malpractice claim. At St. Denis & Davey, we hold our fellow lawyers accountable for their detrimental mistakes.

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