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After legal malpractice occurs, it may be difficult to trust another lawyer again. The legal malpractice attorneys at St. Denis & Davey, P.A., are a team you can trust. We value our reputation for trustworthiness and diligence. We want to help you right the wrongs in your legal malpractice case.

Our duty to you as the client is to investigate and fight for you. If another attorney has wronged you, we take it personally, as a disservice to you and to our profession. Your rights and interests are our first concern. We uphold the highest ethical and legal standards and practices, and work hard to win the compensation you deserve.

If a Florida attorney fails to perform his or her duties, or is negligent, it could cost you, as the client, large sums of money. Cases that could easily be won may be lost because of a lawyer’s negligence or even a conflict of interest, which in many cases you may not even know about. You, meanwhile, wind up paying the price in the form of significant legal fees, a lost verdict and settlement values, no results and only missed opportunities to show for your hard-earned investment. We also represent victims of legal malpractice in Alabama.

Holding Lawyers Accountable

Our lawyers at St. Denis & Davey are proud of our roles as advocates and responsible citizens. As a law firm that serves all of Florida, we want our services to you to be considered assets to our state — and the state of our profession. We feel we can have the kind of impact on the region’s legal ethics picture that we have had for many years in practice areas like insurance defense and personal injury.

We think you’ll like us as professionals and people, and appreciate the way we do business on your behalf. We take a back seat to no other Florida law firm in the personal, individualized client focus we provide.

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One email or toll-free call at 1-800-785-2153 to St. Denis & Davey will be enough to send a message to those who have been guilty of attorney negligence. You can still get justice for yourself and your family with a legal malpractice lawsuit.

We pride ourselves on being skilled, ethical lawyers who want the best for our profession, and for you. Get a closer look at what we can do for you, and the individual client attention we offer, by contacting us today.