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Holding Negligent Officers And Directors Liable For Malpractice

In a corporation, officers and directors are responsible for making corporate decisions and protecting corporate interests. As part of this system, shareholders trust attorneys to advise company directors and officers as they make important decisions regarding corporate governance. When this trust is misplaced, shareholders may have recourse.

At the Florida law firm of St. Denis & Davey, we represent shareholders in legal actions against corporate attorneys, officers and directors who have been negligent in handling their responsibilities. We serve clients throughout Florida, with an office in Jacksonville.

Handling Shareholder Legal Malpractice Lawsuits

Corporate lawyers advising a company’s board of directors owe a duty of loyalty to the company. This means that attorneys must make sure the interests of the corporation and shareholders are not violated or abused by board members creating exorbitant compensation packages or developing employment contracts including excessive golden parachutes.

If attorneys allow officers and directors to take actions that aren’t in the company’s best interests, and consequently aren’t in the shareholders’ best interests, they may breach their obligations to the shareholders. In such cases, shareholders may have valid legal malpractice claims.

Corporate Law Lawyers Addressing Officer And Director Liability

In addition to handling legal malpractice claims, we also pursue claims against officers and directors who may have personal liability for their actions. Generally, claims stemming from the liability of officers and directors in a company arise from a breach of fiduciary duty.

Directors and officers have broad discretion when making decisions for a company, but they are always required to put the best interests of the company first. Directors and officers must avoid conflicts of interest, and ensure that they are taking actions to promote the company’s and shareholder’s interests – not personal gain.

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