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Protecting Florida Clients Harmed By Improper Title Searches

When issuing title insurance policies, insurance companies rely on the knowledge and expertise of attorneys to handle title searches. At the earliest stages of planning real estate developments, developers trust attorneys to address any issues related to title. When these real estate attorneys make mistakes, the costs can be astronomical.

At the Florida law firm of St. Denis & Davey, we are committed to protecting the financial interests of people and businesses that have been harmed by attorney negligence. Our legal malpractice law firm is located in Jacksonville. We hold other attorneys accountable for their mistakes with real estate title issues.

Skilled Representation For A Real Estate Attorney Negligence Lawsuit

We handle a wide range of legal malpractice issues relating to real estate transactions and improper title searches.

Were you properly informed of the condition of the title to real property?

If a title isn’t properly cleared and someone else makes some claim on your property, you may encounter costly litigation or the property may become significantly devalued. These are issues a real estate attorney should resolve before any real estate transaction.

Did your lawyer fail to obtain the necessary zoning changes?

Property is only as valuable as its available uses. If your real estate lawyer failed to address land use issues such as zoning before the real estate transaction closed, you may be left with property you cannot use.

Have you encountered disputes related to undisclosed easements on your property?

With an incomplete or improper title search, a property owner may not be aware of claims other people have to the land. These easements or covenants may restrict the owner’s ability to use the land. In serious cases, this can make the land completely unusable for its intended purpose.

Legal issues related to improper title searches have been aggravated recently, with the downturn in the overall real estate market. Property values have diminished significantly and many businesses are unable to sell properties that they cannot use. If you have suffered financial harm as the result of an incomplete or improper title search, we can help.

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