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Can you file a malpractice claim for poor communication?

by | Jun 26, 2020 | Legal Malpractice |

No one should have to go through legal malpractice. When an attorney takes on a case, it’s their responsibility to make sure they can handle it and provide their client with the best possible service. They are responsible for ethical behavior and need to provide support to their client if and when they need it.

One of the issues that clients sometimes face is being taken on by an attorney who doesn’t have enough time for them. When communication slows down or stops because the attorney is working on other cases, that can be a big problem. It could mean that a client is left wondering if the case is moving forward or concerned that there is something wrong.

Attorneys should always be responsive when you reach out to them or ask questions. That’s not to say that they’re going to be able to respond to you immediately each time you call. Give your attorney a few business days to get back to you. If it’s an emergency, let their secretary or assistant know that it’s a pressing matter.

When should you worry about your attorney’s communication?

It may be time to start worrying about how your attorney communicates if you have not heard back from them in several days after leaving a message or if you get no response from a certified letter asking for an update. If your attorney fails to show up in court or hurts your case in other ways, you may want to consider seeking additional legal support and firing this attorney. In some cases, you may have the basis for a legal malpractice claim if you suffered losses as a result of the attorney’s actions.