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Scheduling issues and missed deadlines can harm a lawyer’s client

by | May 20, 2020 | Legal Malpractice |

Some lawyers are extremely busy, but that doesn’t mean that their clients should suffer. Instead, it is up to the attorney to ensure that they’re leaving ample time to handle each case they accept to represent. Unfortunately, some lawyers are so tightly scheduled that they miss out on important deadlines in the cases they handle.

Scheduling issues, which include missed deadlines for filing claims, motions and briefs, are one of the more common types of legal malpractice claims made. The fact here is that clients can suffer great harm if their cases aren’t handled in a timely manner.

It’s easy to see how damaging it can be if the attorney doesn’t handle everything in a timely manner. In a personal injury claim, it could mean that the client can’t seek compensation. It could mean that options are taken away if a deadline is missed in a criminal case.

Missed deadlines aren’t the only scheduling issue that lawyers might experience. They need to have a good method of keeping track of things like court hearings that they must attend. Failing to attend court hearings or scheduling more than one at a time can devastate the clients.

With all of the options available these days to help keep dates and deadlines in order, there isn’t any reason for a client to experience a scheduling issue from the attorney they hire to represent them. If you do have an issue with a missed deadline or any other matter that’s similar, you may take legal action to try to recover the damages you have to deal with due to the attorney’s error.