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Errors during a trial? You could have a case

by | May 1, 2020 | Legal Malpractice |

Making mistakes during a trial is something you don’t want to see happen. Mistakes could ruin your case and mean that you end up with a conviction or sentence that you do not want.

Attorneys sometimes make mistakes that don’t have a significant outcome on the trial, but when an error is so serious that it does, it has to be corrected. Not pursuing an appeal and looking for support with a legal malpractice claim could be a mistake in that situation.

What are some common errors made by attorneys during trial?

Some legal trial errors include:

  • Failing to object at appropriate times
  • Failing to keep evidence out before or during a trial
  • Failing to inform you of all your options, such as different trial strategies or settlement options

These are just a few of the possible mistakes that could be made that could have a significant effect on the outcome of your case.

Why do attorneys make mistakes?

Sometimes, it’s because of inattention. Perhaps they weren’t listening closely to object, or maybe they didn’t notice a particularly damaging piece of evidence was still going to court unchallenged.

Other times, it may be inexperience or a lack of knowledge that plays a role in an attorney’s errors. Without the right knowledge, it can be easy to make mistakes that impact clients negatively.

Our website has more information on legal malpractice and what you should do if you have been impacted. It’s your right to look into your options if your case was damaged because of an attorney’s lack of knowledge, errors and inexperience.