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Lax communication isn’t acceptable from your lawyer

by | Apr 7, 2020 | Legal Malpractice |

A person who is facing legal issues depends on their attorney to provide them with legal advice and guidance. This sometimes means that they need to contact the attorney to ask questions or find out information. Most attorneys respond without any issue for their clients.

What happens, however, when an attorney fails to respond to client questions? Clients who are left in the dark about their cases can’t exactly provide an attorney with their perspective or decisions.

A lack of communication isn’t something that’s permissible. With all the technology that’s available today, it really shouldn’t be an issue. Instead, lawyers should always respond to clients quickly and with appropriate information.

When the attorney isn’t responsive, the client might try various techniques to get information. Here are some suggestions:

1. Ask the office staff for an explanation.

One option that you have is to simply ask why you aren’t getting a reply. If the attorney has something going on, such as a sick family member or an intensive trial, you might not get a swift reply directly, but the office staff should be able to help you.

2. Send a letter requesting better communication.

If you choose to send a letter, make sure that you aren’t threatening. This letter is only a place to let the lawyer know that you expect communication and that you’d like to know the reason they haven’t been providing that.

3. Talk to another attorney about a malpractice claim.

Clients who are still unsatisfied with the communication they’re getting might choose to go a step further. This can include taking legal action, which may involve mediation or filing a malpractice claim.

If you believe that your attorney dropped the ball on your case and communication abruptly stopped, find out more about your options.