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Disbarred lawyer costs clients thousands of dollars

by | Feb 29, 2020 | Legal Malpractice |

Florida residents often retain legal representation because they are dealing with difficult situations that could cost them a lot of money or even their liberty. Lawyers are directed by rules of professional responsibility and are obligated to respect those rules and protect their clients’ interests. Unfortunately, some attorneys may fail to live up to those obligations, leaving their clients at risk for substantial losses and injuries to their rights.

In one Texas case, a lawyer was disbarred and removed from the profession after his misconduct caused serious harm to a number of clients. The former personal injury lawyer failed to pay medical providers and assistants in his cases, combined his own money with his clients’ funds and even created fake documents in some cases. He reportedly failed to file claims at all for some of his clients, allowing the statute of limitations to run out before they could seek compensation for their injuries. In one case, the lawyer absconded with a $20,000 check intended for his client after an auto accident (the lawyer had forged the client’s signature to cash the check). He delayed for years when the client inquired about the settlement.

Other clients are still seeking repayment for their losses. One client was told that a $740,000 settlement had been secured in a medical malpractice case, but in reality, no case had ever been filed and the statute of limitations ran out, barring the victims from recovering.

While the former lawyer was removed from practice, he may still face a number of separate lawsuits from clients that were wronged by his fraudulent activities. People who have been harmed due to a lawyer’s negligence or wrongdoing may consult a legal malpractice attorney about their options to seek compensation.