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Dealing with legal publicity

by | Sep 30, 2019 | Legal Malpractice |

No matter your stance on a legal matter in Florida, you likely would prefer that the general public not be privy to the details of your case. Such information might offer unwanted insights into your personal life. Yet there may be times when despite your best efforts at discretion, the nature of your case will not allow it to remain out of the public spotlight. In such situations, many come to us here at St. Denis & Davey PA wondering what information their attorneys are allowed to disclose.

Your attorney is meant to be your advocate. Oftentimes, that obligation extends to dealing with the public and its view of your case. It goes without saying that in such a situation, your lawyer should not say anything that might prejudice your representation. They should, on the other hand, support your claim to the public. Per the American Bar Association’s Model Rules of Professional Conduct, your attorney is allowed to state the following when doing just that:

  • Your claim, along with your identity and (when the law permits it) the identities of others involved in your case
  • Any information that is already public record
  • General information regarding any ongoing investigations
  • Details regarding upcoming litigation
  • Requests for assistance in obtaining evidence to support your claim
  • Warnings of potential danger facing you or others involved in your case

If your case is a criminal complaint, your attorney is allowed to disclose limited details pertaining to it as allowed by law.

While your attorney should not say anything that might compromise your case, they should be willing and ready to publicly challenge any statements made by other parties that have a prejudicial effect on your proceedings. You can learn more about your attorney’s obligations to you by continuing to explore our site.