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Law firm accused of failing to meet timely filing deadlines

by | Aug 5, 2019 | Legal Malpractice |

Lawsuits against lawyers and legal firms may seem to many in Florida to be a bit of an oddity given that most might assume such professionals to have such a strong understanding of the laws governing their respective fields that they would always operate inside of them. Yet such lawsuits are often not regarding a question of law, but rather that of the professional and ethical duty owed to clients. Often its small failures in meeting that duty that lead to complaints, as those failures (while seemingly insignificant to some) can have actually have a dramatic impact on one’s case. 

It is the alleged failure of a legal firm to submit documentation and complete required actions on time that has led to a lawsuit against a legal firm filed by the ownership of a New York restaurant. The restaurant’s owners say in their claim that the law firm representing them in a bankruptcy case at the time did not complete discovery and file expert reports within the required timely filing period in their bankruptcy case, which resulted in important evidence being excluded. The bankruptcy filing was meant to keep the landlord of the location in which the restaurant had wanted to operate from evicting them, and the firm claims that it had arranged an agreement with them landlord that the restaurant’s owner ended up backing out of. 

The prospect of filing a lawsuit against anybody can be daunting; one can only imagine how much more intimated they may feel when trying to sue a lawyer. Yet if a lawyer or legal firm’s conduct warrants legal action being filed against them, those seeking it may find a legal malpractice attorney to be a strong ally in such an endeavor.