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Multiple attorneys disciplined, some temporarily disbarred

by | May 29, 2019 | Legal Malpractice |

When a person in Florida hires an attorney but then fails to receive the proper counsel and professional assistance they are due, it is reasonable to expect that there is some opportunity for recourse or justice in the matter. This recourse or justice may take many forms and for some clients today, it may well come in the form of some professional disciplinary actions levied against a multitude of attorneys.

As reported by the Bradenton Herald, the Florida State Supreme Court reviewed the cases earlier this year of multiple lawyers. Recently, several of those have opted for their choice of outcomes with many requesting what is called disciplinary revocation. This is a form of having one’s right to practice law removed. However, many of the people requesting this option may have the ability to request reinstatement after serving a five-year revocation period.

The actions of the attorneys involved in these disciplinary cases include quite a range of things. One lawyer was found to have used client money to pay for his personal expenses and his gambling habit. Another lawyer paid a relative’s college tuition and enjoyed some meals with money that belonged to a client. Failure to disclose a potential conflict of interest was involved in an investor visa matter.

A lawyer representing a client in a foreclosure case blatantly did not let the client know that the court had approved a summary judgment in the matter. Sending fake invoices, inflating costs and even ignoring and not responding to clients were among the other allegations.