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Communication gaps between lawyers and clients

by | Apr 7, 2019 | Legal Malpractice |

Every relationship requires the involved parties to communicate. This is true regardless of the nature of the relationship. Married couples in Florida must communicate, doctors and patients must be able to communicate and so too must attorneys and their clients. Communication gaps or breakdowns may actually contribute to the failure of a person to get the legal representation they deserve from their counsel.

As explained by L Squared, an insurance agency that provides professional malpractice coverage to attorneys, poor communication is at the heart of many legal malpractice claims. Inappropriate, inaccurate or nonexistent communication may result from a variety of factors but all can be the start of a downward spiral. Attorneys are people and some may simply be less inclined to communicate than others. This, however, does not absolve them of their responsibility to keep you, the client, informed.

Even if an attorney does not have an answer to your question or a new update, they should reply to a call or email from you. It is not unreasonable for you to be concerned that a lack of communication may signal a problem with your case. Discussing communication styles and needs is something you should do with a lawyer before you embark on a client-attorney relationship with them.

If you would like to learn more about the importance of communication with an attorney representing you and how to get help when there is a communication gap or breakdown, please feel free to visit the communication and errors page of our Florida legal malpractice website.