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Client seeks damages after unprofessional conduct

by | Feb 2, 2019 | Legal Malpractice |

People in Florida may not always understand what types of situations may contribute to or be considered potential acts of malpractice on the part of an attorney. Some examples might be relatively clear such as if a lawyer failed to file documents per a court-order deadline or if an attorney agreed to represent two clients on opposing sides of the same case. There may, however, be other situations that are less obvious.

An example of an alleged act of legal malpractice can be see in a case playing out currently in New York State. The situation involves a lawyer and a company, one of his former clients. The company is in the music industry and they had hired the man to represent them in a lawsuit against another music company. According to Insider, approximately four months after he began working with the music company, the attorney was filmed making what many believe to be derogatory and racist remarks.

The attorney was criticizing employees at a restaurant for speaking in Spanish rather than English. At one point, he is said to have threatened to call immigration officials to the scene and implied in a negative manner that he believed many of the people working at the restaurant were not legally able to be in the country. 

The music company stopped working with the attorney and is now seeking damages from him due to the incident. They claim that he breached his contract by his conduct as it reflected negatively on them and is therefore an example of professional malpractice.