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Mistakes to avoid when hiring a lawyer

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Legal Malpractice |

It’s far too often that these three mistakes lead to a case that shouldn’t have failed.

To prevent a lawyer for treating your case negligently, avoid these common follies.

Choosing a friend

If you’ve got a friend who passed the bar, you’ve probably joked more than once about them helping you out if you need it. But, when you really do need legal help, is a friend the best person to turn to?

One issue that can happen by doing this is overlooking your friend’s qualifications. An attorney who doesn’t practice in the area of law you need assistance with shouldn’t offer their services. But, if a friend means well and ends up not being able to help, things can get messy.

Worse yet, if the lawyer has a conflict of interest in your case or the two of you start feuding, the lawyer could begin acting maliciously, leading to legal malpractice and the loss of a friend.

Not weighing your options out right

When choosing a lawyer, you’ll be faced with advantages and disadvantages. How these pros and cons weigh out will differ depending on a number of factors. But, be careful not to let lucrative advantages come before concerning disadvantages.

For example, don’t choose a lawyer because the law office is nearby and they’re affordable if they also have a ton of bad press and reviews. Take testimonies very seriously and don’t chance your luck on someone if a client has called them negligent.


You met with your lawyer and they nailed the interview. But, were they telling the truth? Once you’ve got a final candidate in mind, double check your lawyer’s:

  • Qualifications (education, bar admission)
  • History of success (past cases)
  • Reputation (testimonies, online reviews, press)

Then, as your lawyer develops a defense, do your part to help with the case. Ensure that he or she is working on your case and is providing accurate information about the law.

You may not need to fact check every statement as your case progresses, but in the beginning, you’ll want to make sure their competency lives up to expectations.

When you’ve been wronged

If you’ve made any of these mistakes, it’s not your fault that your lawyer acted negligently. Legal malpractice claims can be common. But, from here, it’s important to pursue the justice you deserved in the first place. Denis and Davey P.A. can help you find compensation after a lawyer has neglected or wronged you.