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Legal malpractice involving an estate plan

by | Nov 2, 2018 | Legal Malpractice |

Legal malpractice takes on many forms and can impact those who are working through a real estate transaction or a personal injury case. However, it is vital to remember that these challenges can also affect those who are dealing with estate planning issues. From malpractice that manifests during the probate process to malpractice related to the creation of an estate plan, there are many different ways in which people are affected by this wrongdoing. Our law firm also knows that for many people in Florida and all over the country, estate planning is an especially complex and emotional topic, which makes malpractice even more upsetting.

If you have recently lost someone you love, for example, you may be devastated to know that fiduciary duties were breached and that your loved one’s estate has not been handled in the way they would have wanted it to be managed. You may feel angry, anxious or depressed, but it is crucial to remain steadfast and address unethical behaviors promptly. You may also be exposed to legal malpractice while you are in the early stages of setting up an estate plan and this can also be very challenging.

While these circumstances can be incredibly difficult, you may have some legal options on the table and you should explore them. We firmly believe that legal malpractice should be addressed swiftly and that those whose rights are violated deserve justice. Please feel free to browse over to our page on malpractice issues if you wish to view more concerning estate planning and malpractice.