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What actions are considered legal malpractice?

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Legal Malpractice |

Floridian residents just like you sometimes need legal guidance. Unfortunately, you may find yourself involved with a legal practice that does not uphold integrity. St. Denis & Davey, Attorneys at Law, shed light on the different actions a legal professional can take that may be considered malpractice.

There are three primary categories that legal malpractice can fall under. These categories are breaching a contract, being negligent, and breaching fiduciary duty.

If a contract has been breached, that means the legal professional has acted in a way that directly conflicts with the terms of your contract. If your contract promised the fulfillment of certain tasks that were never completed, that could be an example of a contract breach.

Fiduciary duty is the legal obligation one party has to act in the best interest of another. If a legal professional is accused of breaching their fiduciary duty, this means they’ve acted in a way that doesn’t benefit you, or even actively works against you. Examples include a lawyer using your funds for their own purposes, or choosing not to represent you to their best ability due to conflicts of interest.

For negligence to occur, the legal professional must have behaved without an appropriate level of care. Negligent actions can and often will lead to you being harmed as a client.

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