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Two firms involved in legal malpractice claim

Florida companies or individuals that hire law firms to represent them should always be able to trust that their attorneys will operate with their clients' best interests at heart. That, unfortuntately does not happen in some situations leaving people or businesses facing some serious challenges.

$5 million legal malpractice verdict

When a firm is contacted to vet an acquisition, their client expects them to complete a full review and provide accurate information, especially regarding who would be responsible for any financial liabilities. Unfortunately, that is not always what happens as illustrated by a recent verdict.

What types of things lead to legal malpractice?

If you have ever retained an attorney in Florida, you should hopefully have received the level of professionalism and service that you deserve. Attorneys are bound to uphold strong standards and to work on behalf of their clients' best interests. But, there are some times when problems may arise that leave the client not having received the proper level of service. What types of things may be involved in these situations?

What are the exceptions to attorney-client privilege?

The protections afforded to you through attorney-client privilege have been previously detailed on this blog. The intent of this privilege is to ensure that any information you share is used only to advance your own interests, rather than benefitting a Jacksonville attorney in some way. There are, however, certain exceptions to this concept, some of which are inherent and others that are defined by the state. 

Detailing attorney-client privilege

Typically, any matter which will require you to have legal representation in Jacksonville will likely be of a very sensitive nature. In order to represent you to his or her utmost abilities, an attorney may require that you disclose certain information. This may cause you to have the same concern that many of those that we here at St. Denis & Davey PA have worked with share: That such information will inevitably become public. At the same time, you have probably heard of the concept of attorney-client privilege. Exactly what sort of protection does this afford you? 

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