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Attorney sued for sharing of client’s murder case

by | Nov 4, 2017 | Professional Malpractice |

For those in Jacksonville that have been involved in legal matters, the initial rulings on their cases may not necessarily signal the end of their efforts. They may look to continue to appeal decisions (or fight to retain favorable outcomes). Thus, their relationships with the attorneys that they work with remain important. Much information may be shared between clients and attorneys, with all of that being protected by attorney-client privilege. Not only does such privilege prevent an attorney from being compelled to disclose information, but it also prevents him or her from sharing it. If he or she does, it could significantly hinder a client’s case.  

That is what is currently being alleged in a lawsuit filed by a convicted murderer against her former attorney. At the center of this dispute is a tell-all book the man published. This book has already cost him his law license, which he surrendered following earlier action taken by the woman following the publishing of the book. Now, in her lawsuit, she claims the he violated attorney-client privilege by providing details that she had given him, the sharing of which was done prior to her appealing her case. The attorney claims he looks forward to defending himself against the allegations she has made in the lawsuit, as well as clearing up assertions the woman made against her murder victim. 

This particular case may offer an extraordinary example of disputes between a client and an attorney, yet one may see how one defending him or herself from legal claims may believe that to become more difficult after sensitive elements of his or her case have been revealed. Those wanting to hold the parties who may have revealed them responsible may wish to first consult with a malpractice attorney

Source: Fox News “Murderer Jodi Arias sues former attorney over tell-all book” Oct. 26, 2017