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Are you a victim of legal malpractice? Keep good records

It's a shock when you're hoping for an attorney to take care of your case and later find out that nothing was done right. Whether it's missed deadlines or the mishandling of your case, it's important that you get the support you need and are able to have the situation corrected.

Conflict of interest: Extreme care is necessary for attorneys

Attorneys are expected to behave in an ethical manner no matter what's going on with their business. They must ensure that they comply with applicable laws. One thing that they must be especially careful not to do is take a client that results in a conflict of interest.

Woman sues deceased husband's lawyer for changed will

Florida lawyers owe fiduciary duties to their clients and are expected to represent them ethically and diligently. Unfortunately, some attorneys violate their duties and are negligent in their representation. A lawsuit that was recently filed in Minnesota demonstrates the impact that legal malpractice can have on innocent victims.

Jury awards $5.5 million legal malpractice verdict

Legal malpractice can cause people in Florida to suffer substantial losses. A recent verdict in a case in Georgia demonstrates how extensive the losses can be when attorneys engage in malpractice in their representation of clients. Attorneys owe fiduciary duties to their clients and must also be diligent in their representation of them.

Jury agrees that multinational law firm acted negligently

Business-related litigation can become complicated quickly for companies and law firms in Florida if conflicts of interest arise. A dispute between Dentons, a multinational law firm, and its former client, RevoLaze, culminated in a $32.3 million jury verdict against the legal provider. After the verdict, Dentons issued a public statement that declared its intention to appeal the verdict based on the U.S. International Trade Commission's decision to vacate a ruling by an administrative law judge that resulted in the dispute with RevoLaze.

The many ways attorneys can commit malpractice

There are many ways in which Florida attorneys and others across the country could commit legal malpractice. For instance, substantive errors are the cause of 46% of all malpractice claims. Substantive errors typically include failing to know the law or failing to apply it in a meaningful way in a given case. However, they can also include not meeting a deadline or not doing enough during the discovery phase of a proceeding.

Disbarred lawyer costs clients thousands of dollars

Florida residents often retain legal representation because they are dealing with difficult situations that could cost them a lot of money or even their liberty. Lawyers are directed by rules of professional responsibility and are obligated to respect those rules and protect their clients' interests. Unfortunately, some attorneys may fail to live up to those obligations, leaving their clients at risk for substantial losses and injuries to their rights.

When a lawyer withdraws from a case

When people in Florida hire a lawyer to deal with a serious civil conflict or criminal charges, they may rely on their attorney to provide strong, skilled representation and see the case through to the end. Still, there are circumstances when an attorney should withdraw from representing a particular client under the American Bar Association's rules of professional responsibility. Even lawyers withdrawing from a case retain some responsibilities to their clients. Unfortunately, some attorneys may not live up to these professional obligations, putting their clients' well-being and financial future at risk.

Lewandowski Sues Former Lawyer for Malpractice

Corey Lewandowski, one of the campaign chairs for then-candidate Trump in the 2016 election, has filed a professional malpractice suit against his former attorney stemming from a property dispute with his neighbors. The lawsuit is illustrative of possible remedies that Florida residents can have if they are found to have received inadequate representation from their lawyers in a legal matter.

Legal malpractice claim over lawyers who changed sides

Business owners in Florida may rely on their attorneys to provide reliable advice and representation, but they may face serious problems if their lawyers have a conflict of interest or engage in other questionable behavior. One company has been pursuing a legal malpractice claim against two of its former lawyers for four years, accusing them of breaching their fiduciary duty to the firm. The case has proceeded slowly, especially as the lawyers being sued in the case have refused to release certain emails and texts, saying they are covered by attorney-client privilege.

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