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Different malpractice policy coverages

When you find yourself in need of legal counsel in Florida, you might automatically assume that the lawyer you talk to carries the appropriate type and level of malpractice insurance. While it would be nice to believe this is true, it is in your best interest to do some checking as there can be situations where policy coverage may not be clear. 

When legal malpractice impacts your career

Those who have dealt with legal malpractice may face a number of difficulties, whether their personal relationships suffer as a result of what they have been through or they face serious financial repercussions. However, this issue could have a significant impact on your career, and if you are already dealing with career challenges as a result of legal malpractice it is crucial to take a look at additional legal options that may be available. Unfortunately, legal malpractice has caused some workers to lose their jobs, and it can also lead to long-term issues that arise years down the road.

Depression due to legal malpractice

We have written about many of the different consequences associated with legal malpractice, from those which are financial in nature to some of the stressors that people encounter in court as a result of wrongdoing. Unfortunately, those who have been subjected to legal malpractice may face other challenges as well, such as those which are emotional in nature. Aside from high levels of stress and feeling angry, some people become depressed due to legal malpractice. Moreover, depression can have a ripple effect throughout one's life, adversely affecting personal relationships and job performance, which can make them feel hopeless.

When an attorney should not represent you

Once you have hired an attorney, you should feel confident that your legal counsel is loyal to you and will represent your interests to the best extent possible. However, some Florida attorneys may represent your interests best by not representing you at all. For various reasons, an attorney may have an interest that could conflict with yours by taking you on as a client. By choosing to represent you, they can do great damage to your case.

The financial impact of legal malpractice

From time behind bars to a shattered reputation, legal malpractice can bring many consequences. However, the financial consequences of legal malpractice can be especially significant, and many people in Florida have suffered in this manner. Not only do some people have a hard time with court-imposed financial penalties and legal fees, but there are other ways in which legal malpractice can adversely affect someone from a financial point of view. For example, the outcome of a case may have a damaging impact on their career, and they may need to look for work in a different field that pays much less.

When a legal professional intentionally mishandles a case

We have written about many different topics related to legal malpractice, and it is essential to remember that every case differs. Sometimes, legal malpractice results in relatively minor consequences, while other instances of legal malpractice can be incredibly damaging for victims and their loved ones. Unfortunately, there are some instances where legal professionals intentionally mishandle a case, for one reason or another. If you believe that a legal professional you turned to purposely failed to handle your case properly, you may need to take further action to secure the benefits that you deserve.

What should you reasonably expect from your lawyer?

To say that every attorney is different is an understatement. Even attorneys who specialize in the same area of law have different backgrounds, different levels of experience and target different clientele. Every attorney has his or her own way of doing things. That said, your Florida attorney, regardless of his or her unique selling points, is upheld to the same standards of every other lawyer across the nation. This means he or she has specific ethical duties. The American Bar Association explains those duties in detail.

Can a lawyer be held responsible for a nonlawyer's conduct?

When you retain an attorney to assist you with a legal matter in Florida, your expectation likely is that you will work with them and only them. Yet for all of their knowledge of the fields in which they practice, attorneys may lack an understanding of certain specialties that may be needed in order to adequately represent you. Thus, your attorney may find it necessary to bring in others who are not lawyers to participate in preparing your case. Even though these professionals may not be attorneys, their actions can impact the outcome of your case. You should know, then, what responsibilities your attorney assumes when involving nonlawyers in your representation. 

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