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Malpractice Attorneys Experienced In Commercial Litigation Cases

Did your lawyer make mistakes in handling your commercial litigation case? Attorney mistakes and mishandling of cases cost you and your business and should not go unpunished. The Florida attorneys at St. Denis & Davey represent clients who have been victims of legal malpractice. We are not afraid to sue other lawyers for these mistakes. In fact, our firm prides itself on bringing these issues to the forefront and holding negligent attorneys accountable for their actions.

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Problems Unique To Commercial Litigation

Commercial businesses in the United States operate based on the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). The UCC was set up to create consistency for businesses leasing, selling and negotiating terms for the sale of goods. The UCC can vary from state to state, so having an experienced commercial litigation attorney who is familiar with your state’s laws is crucial in your case.

Our attorneys assist clients who’ve suffered because of their attorney’s professional malpractice in issues involving security interest transactions regarding personal property such as a mortgage. We also assist with malpractice involving promissory notes and other instruments used to guarantee payment details.

An attorney who breaches the fiduciary duty owed to clients or commits other acts that damage a case such as conflicts of interest and negligence should be held accountable for unprofessional and illegal behavior. The lawyers at St. Denis & Davey are ready to assist you with these areas of malpractice and other areas related to commercial litigation and business litigation cases.

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