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Has Your Business Suffered Due To Improper Advice From Your Lawyer?

You trusted your lawyer to handle your business’s legal needs professionally and prudently, but your lawyer failed you and improperly handled the matter. You may have a malpractice case.

Business litigation malpractice occurs when a business attorney fails in their fiduciary duty to you and your case. Business litigation attorneys owe their clients a fiduciary duty to act in a manner expected of other attorneys in the profession. They are required to put your interests before their own in handling your case.

Our malpractice attorneys can help hold your negligent business attorney accountable for their actions or inactions. At St. Denis & Davey, we believe in and care about the legal profession and how it is viewed. We know what obligations attorneys have to their clients and can help enforce these through litigation. We are not afraid to sue other lawyers.

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Types Of Malpractice Cases Our Clients Face

In business, many attorney actions can result in a malpractice claim such as:

  • Contract errors and omissions
  • Failure to advise clients
  • Business attorney incompetence
  • Investment errors involving stocks
  • Legal advice that breaks employment laws
  • Poor guidance on employment laws and safety practices in the workplace
  • Business formation errors, resulting in negative tax implications and other issues
  • Mishandled partnership disputes
  • Giving business and legal advice outside their specialty

Whether you need a legal malpractice attorney to review a business litigation case or a commercial litigation case, we can assist you.

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