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The emotional toll of professional malpractice

Professional malpractice takes a myriad of forms and our law office has discussed many different examples of malpractice on our blog. From malpractice that takes place during the probate process or malpractice involving real estate transactions or a personal injury case, this can be extremely upsetting and create many challenges for people who are already struggling enough. Often, people look at the financial consequences of malpractice, but there are other ways in which this negligence can shatter a person's life. For example, the emotional toll of professional malpractice can be overwhelming.

How can I avoid malpractice claims?

You have made it through law school, clerking jobs and internships and now you are a full-fledged attorney ready to make your mark in Florida law. One of your first decisions is likely to be whether to be whether or not to carry malpractice insurance. Although the state does not require it, you should consider it, especially if you have set out your shingle in a solo practice.

Is it malpractice?

No one hopes to experience complications following any type of medical procedure in Jacksonville, yet if and when you do, your first thought may be that your doctor or surgeon is guilty of medical malpractice. That may in fact be true in many cases, yet it could be just as likely that your procedure simply did not net the desired results (even after having been performed correctly). The question is how can you tell the difference? 

Why is there so much legalese in a contract?

If you have ever read a contract or another legal document, you know they can be hard for the average Texan, who is not an attorney, to understand. Liberally strewn with professional lingo (legalese) and confusing words like heretofore, aforementioned and herewith, you may wonder what it is you just read and what it means. Your attorney is, of course, there to explain it to you, but if you think all of those fancy words are included just to confuse or impress you, that is probably not the case.

Spotting a bad veterinarian

Choosing a veterinarian for a beloved pet is no small move for many pet owners. In fact, some Floridians research practices extensively before selecting a trusted health care professional for their dog, cat or other type of animal. If that professional breaks that trust, the health and life of the pet could be at risk. Fortunately, there are ways pet parents can find justice after a mistake or other incident has occurred at the vet. 

Is confidentiality between attorney and client absolute?

An important part of the attorney-client relationship in Florida, the U.S. and throughout the world is the rule of confidentiality of information. It says that a lawyer should have full and informed consent from the client before disclosing information related to the client’s representation. 

Legal malpractice and the steps to solutions

In a situation that is likely already overwhelming, discovering that an attorney has not provided quality, professional service can lead to yet another stressor. Floridians in these situations may be considering taking legal action. Before one takes these steps, it can prove helpful to know the most common ways lawyers can be guilty of malpractice, and what clients can do in these unfortunate situations.

Bad estate planning advice could be legal malpractice

Hiring an estate planning attorney to help draft a will in Florida can prevent disputes and challenges later. However, state laws differ, and laws regarding probate, estate planning and taxes change frequently. If an attorney does not pay rigorous attention to these, and as a result does not perform his or her legal duty correctly, a beneficiary's inheritance could be at stake. 

How you can protect your company against conflict of interest

One of the most critical parts to securing your success as a competitive organization, is to protect your intellectual assets and prevent other people from stealing your ideas or doing things that could compromise your strategy. At St. Denis & Davey, we have helped many Florida organizations to learn more about what they can do to protect themselves against conflict of interest. 

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