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Legal Malpractice Issues

Month: August 2020

Diligence: Your attorney owes it to you

Dealing with legal situation is never easy. The legal system is frightening - it is a process we do not understand, with rules of evidence, procedure and nuanced hearings. It is nothing like the television shows or movies and it feels overwhelming even to the...

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The first duty of an attorney: Competence

There simply is no legal process that is easy. Most are not particularly pleasant, either. Stress, uncertainty and the fear of a system you don't understand makes it especially critical that an attorney not only has your best interests at heart, but has the capability...

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Are there competency standards for lawyers?

Once an attorney is licensed to practice law, that attorney can practice law. There is no additional testing required for a lawyer to practice family law or criminal law, although there are board-certified specialization programs for certain legal areas. Outside of...

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