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International arbitration leads to malpractice allegation

When people in Florida face a legal dispute or a criminal case, they often rely on their attorneys to provide them with accurate representation that can protect their rights. However, conflicts of interest, negligence and other issues of attorney misconduct can lead to people facing severe repercussions in court. One attorney is suing another major firm, Sullivan and Cromwell, for alleged legal malpractice after one case led to negative results. The former attorney says that the firm represented a client in a matter where one of the partners had already served as an arbitrator.

Former Trump campaign manager alleges legal malpractice

Some people in Florida may have heard that Donald Trump's former campaign manager, Corey Lewandowski, was involved in a property dispute with his neighbors over an easement. In 2017, Lewandowski filed a $5 million lawsuit against them saying they would not allow him access to an easement that was the only way he could get to his property on the waterfront. He said they harassed workers he had hired to build a garage.

Attorneys must follow bar rules in any jurisdiction

Attorneys are generally not allowed to practice law in any state or part of a state where they are not licensed to do so. Furthermore, an attorney who is not allowed to practice law in Florida or any other state cannot make it seem as if he or she is able to do so. It is also unlawful for individuals to help other attorneys establish themselves in areas where they are not allowed to practice law.

Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson sues lawyers over $7 million verdict

Legal malpractice lawsuits in Florida and around the country are often initiated by individuals who lost lawsuits they felt they should have won. Rapper and film star Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson filed such a lawsuit after a jury ordered him to pay $7 million to the girlfriend of his hip-hop rival Rick Ross. The woman alleged that Jackson caused her injury, loss or damage by leaking a sex tape on the internet. The verdict prompted Jackson to file for bankruptcy.

Lawsuit over legal fees dismissed

Attorneys in Florida and around the country may face legal malpractice lawsuits when their negligent actions cause their clients harm. A Philadelphia lawyer was threatened with such a lawsuit when he demanded $320,000 in compensation for services already provided from a client who had decided that his interests would be best served by a different law firm. During the ensuing negotiations, the attorney agreed to accept $160,000.

Legal team faces accusations of breach of fiduciary duty

A Florida-based law firm is representing the receiver of the Jay Peak ski resort in Vermont who says the ex-attorneys of the former owner and associates failed to act in order to protect many investors who were allegedly victims of fraud. The lawsuit was filed in Florida because the former owner resides there.

Legal malpractice lawsuit against attorney

People in Florida whose attorneys are negligent in their representation may be able to file a lawsuit against them. In New Mexico, an attorney has been accused of negligence, breach of contract and legal malpractice. This is the second order for probation for him in two years from the New Mexico Supreme Court Disciplinary Board. The attorney admitted to failing to represent clients diligently and failing to provide competent representation among other issues.

When conflicts of interest arise

Attorneys in Florida and throughout the country are required to act in a fiduciary role. This means that they are not allowed to have conflicts of interest in any matters that they are involved in. A conflict of interest could arise if the attorney doesn't know who his or her client is. This may occur when a legal representative agrees to take on a client who owns a startup that eventually evolves into a corporate entity.

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